I've got pockets full of kleenex and lint and holes

where everything important to me, just seems to fall right down my leg

23 April
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So that people will stop asking me what kind of music I like, I made this little thing to show you. These are some of the bands I listen to when I'm not listening to NOFX...
(the) smashing pumpkins, 4-23, al pachino, america, anti bush, anti flag, bad religion, baseball bats, bass, beastie boys, beer, beer bong, being a bitch, being a dork, being a loser, being dumb, being hard, being nice, bitch ass bitch, bitches, bling bling, blood, blow up doll, body kit, bouncing souls, box wine, breaking glass, bush, busted grill, c.d.'s, chainsaws, chairs, cheese, coke, comic books, computer, cougars, crumbs, custom cars, dead kennedys, death, disdick, distillers, dogboyyy, dogface, dogshit, donkey lips, dragon z front, drift rear vallience, drift sideskirts, drinking beer, driving, driving dangerously, driving fast, earth, ebay, fast cars, food, fucker, fuckup, gilligan, gold, good clothing, greatness, gulping beer, hamburger, having nothing to do, hellicopter, house, independence, independent, jackknive, jason mewes, killer tofu, knife, knives, lager, loud cars, malt liquer, martin, martin lawrence, mass murder, mass suicide, monkeys, more stuff, my car, my cock piece, my half pipe, my pectorial muscles, my shoes, my watch, myself, nine iron, nofx, pen, pepsi, pikachu, potato chips, pro anarchy, pundy, punk, rancid, ratfink, rats, reverse action, ring, rise against, rolling on dubs, salmon, sampsonite, sharks, shit throwing, shithead, sign, size 9½, skateboard wheels, skateboarding, sloppyness, smelly socks, snow, social distortion, socks, some t.v., someone special, sonofabitch, spiderman, star wars, stickers, suicide machines, swiming pools, the distillers, throwing things, thumping, toilet, tony the tiger, trees, truck, tucan sam, wadeable, wadeness, wadester, war, watch, women, work, your mom, your mother